Resolving IT Headaches in 60 Minutes

The Headache

Many companies suffer from IT problems that prevent them from demonstrating a desired speed of progress. Technology should facilitate your daily workflow and it is certainly not meant to add more problems to your plate. What is causing you a headache? A slow network? Security issues? Outdated website? Or Lack of inter-system integration?

The Solution

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we can safely say, “We’ve seen it all… We’ve done it all…”. Our consultants will resolve your issues, bring your company back to speed and shred your next year’s IT budget by 70%. CCN’s best practices will help your business flourish while allowing you to save money on IT.

IT Projects

Did you know that we hold more than 65 well recognized certifications? Our engineers and subject matter experts will make sure your next IT project will be properly implemented. Larger projects will have a dedicated Project Manager following PMI methodology.



Server down, email down, cloud connectivity issues? Not a problem, we will work as soon as possible to restore your services and allow your business to function.

Managed Backup

Our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution takes real-time backups of your core infrastructure. It keeps several copies locally and in the cloud, we manage it 24/7. In a case of a disaster, our backups will be converted to servers with a click of a button. How does 5 minutes downtime sound to you?

Websites & Commerce Solutions

Your website tells a lot about your company, it is the first steps clients take to learn about your business. We can work with many CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Square Space, Magento, Liferay, osCommerce, ZenCart, SAP hybris and many more.

Online Marketing

Marketing is harder than ever; most businesses maintain few marketing channels to attract new customers. We can help you draft and execute a successful marketing plan. Email campaigns, Social Media, LinkedIn and others. Let's convert clicks into customers and customers into returning clients.


Managed Websites

Is your website outdated and insecure? Did your webmaster abandon it? CCN can help you resurrect it from the death, secure it and update regularly.