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Security is a vital component of your network, with the growing number of attacks, hacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks to name a few. Properly designed and implemented security greatly improves data security and business continuity. BYOD could expose your sensitive data to the public, our certified security experts can analyze and improve your network security.

Is your network protected against attacks?

Locker ransomware

Locker ransomware is designed to deny access to computing resources. This typically takes the form of locking
the computer’s or device’s user interface and then asking the user to pay a fee in order to restore access to it.

Crypto ransomware

This type of ransomware is designed to find and encrypt valuable data stored on the computer, making the data
useless unless the user obtains the decryption key for a fee.


It is the hardest to detect and to remove; many experts recommend completely wiping your hard drive and reinstalling everything from scratch. It is designed to allow 100% control of your computer, steal your identity and more, without you realizing anything is going on.


A virus is a contagious program or code that attaches itself to another piece of software and then reproduces itself when that software is run. Most often this is spread by sharing software or files between computers.


Records everything you type on your computer in order to glean your log-in names, passwords, and other sensitive information, and send it on to the source of the keylogging program.


Spyware is software that spies on you, tracking your internet activities in order to send advertising (Adware) back to your system.

Rogue security software

This one deceives or misleads users. It pretends to be a good program to remove Malware infections, but all the while it is the Malware. Often it will turn off the real Anti-Virus software.


A program that replicates itself and destroys data and files on the computer. Worms work to “eat” the system operating files and data files until the drive is empty.


Trojans are designed to discover your financial information, taking over your computer’s system resources, and in larger systems creating a “denial-of-service attack ” Denial-of-service attack: an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable.

Browser Hijacker

This dangerous Malware will redirect your normal search activity and give you the results the criminals want you to see. Its intention is to make money off your web surfing. Moreover, they will learn about your surfing habits, interests and when the computer is not in use.


Backdoors are much the same as Trojans or worms, except that they open a “backdoor” on a computer, providing a network connection for hackers or other Malware to enter or for viruses or SPAM to be sent.


The least dangerous and most lucrative Malware. Adware displays ads on your computer.

Penetration Testing (Pen-Test)

Any perimeter check used to prevent malicious hackers from gaining system access needs to utilize the same tools and avenues employed by hackers. All perimeter testing performed by Chicago Computer Network (CCN) use cutting edge tools to find the exact weaknesses hackers would find and exploit.

As no two IT solutions are the same, there are many methods in testing and addressing network security. CCN caters to a vast array of configurations and after our testing methods to suit your specifications.

Our security specialists will conduct a personal evaluation of your network perimeter to test and assess your current defenses. This evaluation covers the following:

  • Identify the current intrusion defenses of firewalls, routers and proxy servers
  • Perform multiple attempts and vectors to penetrate current defenses
  • Document all discovered vulnerabilities with the methods and tools used, along with what hackers can do with these exploits
  • Prepare recommendations to address all discovered security weaknesses

At the end of the evaluation, you will have a comparison report from your current risk state and our proposed recommendations for strengthening your security posture.

CCN maintains a relationship with our many satisfied customers throughout the Chicago, NW Indiana and Wisconsin areas. Contact us to arrange a visit from one of our specialists and take control of securing your business.

Are you 100% confident we won’t breach your network?

Our certified security experts can help you with all security questions and needs.

Preventing or detecting threats at the earliest possible moment is critical when your sensitive data is at risk. Unfortunately, all too often, threats go undetected in networks. Our network security analysts help you reduce risk and better understand the full scope of any threat they detect. No longer will the lack of expertise or threat intelligence be obstacles to your network security.

In a recent Ponemon study 46% of respondents said they discovered a security breach by accident and 33% of organizations discovered breaches two or more years after the incident.


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